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How to choose glasses to suit your face shape

Do you want to carry authority or seem approachable? Do you want to look intelligent, appear can-do, or to be the one people turn to for help? Do you need to look different again when you want to relax?

Choosing the right glasses can help you build your career, find friends and even attract that special partner .. so it’s definitely worth getting right. Of course you can come to Pagan and McQuade and spend as long as you like trying different styles but a little knowledge always helps and it’s fun, too.

Everyone knows we all judge the new people we meet within the first few seconds of meeting them, and those assumptions we make are very difficult to change, so it really is worth making a great first impression. And what’s the first thing people see when they meet you, especially if they look into your eyes? Your spectacles. So let’s choose wisely .. in this article you’ll find out how.

The first thing to do is take a good, long look in the mirror, hold back your hair if necessary, and decide what shape your face actually is. Most people’s faces can be considered one of these four shapes (but you may be a combination of two):

  1. Square (eg. Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Brad Pitt)

  2. Round (eg. Dawn French, Jack Black)

  3. Oval (most of us)

  4. Long (eg. Sarah Jessica Parker, Jeremy Paxman)

but instead you might decide you are:

  1. Heart shaped (eg. Jennifer Anniston, David Beckham)

If your face shape is still not clear, try outlining your face on your bathroom mirror (using something temporary, lipstick perhaps or condensation). Or take a self portrait (a selfie) and ask your friends online.

Are you ready? Here goes-

The Pagan and McQuade top spectacle shape top tips:

If you’re oval faced: congratulations, you can skip class. Most glasses will look great, just make sure they are at least as wide as the widest part of your face.

The basic technique is to try to complement the main shape rather than emphasise it. So with a square face that’s angular, choose glasses with no angles: round, oval or aviator styles. Alternatively try wide and narrow or large frames with strong detailing.

With a round face it’s the opposite, try styles with angles: rectangular and square. Wayfarers work well. Round faces can also benefit from looking longer, choose narrow frames to do that. Upswept & cat-eye glasses, glasses with thicker top rims and high set sides can draw attention to the upper part of the face, as can branding or embellishment on the sides.

To make a long face seem more rounded, wide, strong frames help. If yours is long and oval, choose squarer shapes, if long and square, choose rounder shapes. Try frames with a strong brow, top line and maybe bold temples with some artistry.

If your face is heart shaped .. glasses sit on the top part of the face and emphasise it still more. To minimise the effect when choosing frames think slender, light, rimless, small. If you can find a frame that is wider or stronger or has (or you can add) detailing at the bottom, that’s good, as are lower set sides.

Spectacle shape isn’t the only thing to take account of when buying your new glasses. Some styles will be out of bounds because of your prescription. Then there’s comfort. And of course, your spectacles have to speak of your character, not just your face shape. Colour is another aspect, and we’ll talk about that another time.

Until then, enjoy choosing your new glasses. Why not send us a picture on Facebook or Twitter?


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