Take advantage of our Premier Eye Care Package ..

Take advantage of our Premier Eye Care Package ..

.. for peace of mind, and substantial discounts

We are proud of our core sight test service that we continue to provide to our clients in Scarborough. Above everything else, we're here to keep you healthy. To that end, we have invested in facilities that are unique in the area, including a laser system that inspects all the layers at the back of your eye, not just the surface. It helps us to spot anything that might go wrong while it's still in its early stages. It's a quick and totally comfortable scan.

We've also installed new equipment and taken training so that we can accurately measure the strength of your natural UV protection at the back of your eye that normally protects your detailed vision and helps to hold back age related macular degeneration. It's worth everyone getting checked, but if you're middle aged and you like fast food it's especially important. Again quick, easy and unique to the area.

Finally we can monitor how well lubricated (and protected) your eyes are. Your eye is both lubricated and moistened in layers and any deterioration can make you more prone to irritable, watering, sore and uncomfortable eyes which can lead to eye infections and other problems.

Ordinarily, you will be offered these choices as options when you arrive, but while it's nice to be in control, making each of these decisions every time you visit us can be a little overwhelming. We think you will look forward to your visit more if you were able to decide once what you want and have that happen each time. Our conversations can then revolve around your needs on the day.

To that end, we've created the Premier Eye Care Service.

While your health is paramount, we also want you looking your best, so in the Premier Eye Care Service we include a bespoke spectacle style consultation. We select glasses all day every day, we know what works. Want to look cool? Beautiful? Important? Let's get you professionally styled, looking tip top and ready to put a sparkle in someone's eye.

We work to make sure that our eye test appointments are long and thorough enough for our clients, but why stop there? With the Premier Eye Care Service we allow extra time for your eye test so you can discuss your needs in more detail with your chosen optometrist. For instance, you may need glasses for everyday, but another pair for your hobby or for looking special when you go out. These are not just cosmetic differences, you will probably need different lenses too. Take a moment to explore that with our expert opticians.

Our three aims: to keep you healthy, to help you look fabulous, and to bring out the best in you whether that's at work, playing sport or in your hobbies or all of the above .. it's all covered in the Premier Eye Care Service.

One word of caution though. This is our premier service, it is not available to everyone as places are limited.

In summary, we include:

  • a laser eye scan (OCT) so we know for sure everything's OK,
  • a check of your UV defences for your future eye health,
  • tear monitoring so your eyes stay comfortable & healthy,
  • a style consultation so you look your best, and
  • more time in your eye exam to discuss your individual needs (perhaps at work or enjoying your hobby).

If you were to pay full price for everything above, the cost would come to £396 in a year, however subject to availability you will be able to enjoy a 25% discount on this service for life at the special price including discount of just £24.75 per month.

Remember too that this is not an additional amount out of the blue. You may already be paying for a number of the services that we discount in this package so you may well save money by signing up. What's more, the regular payment lets you spread the cost and helps you budget.

Pop in to Pagan & McQuade and speak to your favourite eyecare specialist about how the Premier Eye Care Service would work for you, or secure your discount by calling us now on 01723 371250.

We look forward to seeing you soon.