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Dispensing Optician

I am a Dispensing Optician and I qualified many years ago when living down in Essex. I am delighted to have relocated to Scarborough six years ago and I am now a real advocate for the area.

I’m long-sighted so I need glasses to read, these are Myself varifocal lenses. I also have astigmatism (which is slightly rugby ball shaped eyes) and these digital lenses are able to correct for that too with fewer aberrations than would have been the case a few years ago. I like the extra clarity they give me in distance vision too, especially for night driving.

I like a deep frame (that’s top to bottom as you look at it) as I do lots of middle distance work. It means I can look around without turning my head too much.

Style-wise I went for geek chic and combined practicality with trendiness. Acetate frames have no nose pads so they are super comfortable as they distribute the weight of my spectacles evenly over the bridge of my nose so I do not get any sore points when wearing spectacles. I wouldn’t go back.

I also have a distance pair for cinema, a single vision pair for computer work and a pair of varifocal polarised sunglasses .. they’re like HD (High Definition). You could say I have a spectacle wardrobe because I need them and I love them.

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