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Senior Optometrist

I wear hydrogel, high water content contact lenses to correct a little short-sightedness (blurred distance vision) and of course age-related presbyopia (hardening of the lens, making it hard to focus when reading). There’s a little astigmatism too (when the eyes are not spherical).

These are all common issues to correct and when choosing contact lenses it gives us a lot to consider with regard to fitting and comfort and the wide array of choices on the market, from dailies through to full-time lenses that you can sleep in. For instance, one of the most up-to-date materials for contact lenses is silicon based, but these water-based, toric Alcon daily disposables suit me best, great in the consulting room and useful for sporting activities like my cycling.

For glasses I have an unusual very light-weight, but robust, wire rimmed frame from Lindberg, combined with Hoya MySelf varifocal lenses that provide everything I need for all situations, from driving to reading and computer use.

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