Hearing Care in Scarborough

Caring for your hearing

After 31 years of being your local experts in eyecare, it has been a natural progression of our caring role to look after your hearing too!

Our audiology patients receive the same care excellence that you expect when visiting us to have your eyes checked. We have our own fully qualified audiologist and we have the finest hearing test equipment installed in our Westborough premises.

Audiologist at Pagan & McQuade Opticians

May we introduce your audiologist, Ashleigh Cappleman.

After working in the optical industry for 5 years, Ashleigh naturally progressed into the field of audiology. Completing her degree in hearing aid audiology and excelling in finding empathy for my patients. Ashleigh also found that helping people helps enormously with personal growth.

In her spare time Ashleigh looks after her young family, spending a lot of their time outdoors with their dog.

Book a Hearing Test

It’s hard to know what we are not hearing. A professional hearing test could let you know why you might be struggling to hear the TV or follow conversations with your loved ones. Initially this would be a 90 minute appointment and there are no consultation charges for the appointment.

We also offer professional earwax removal using microsuction which could greatly improve your hearing.

Find out more at Pagan & McQuade Hearing Care or simply book online and choose a hearing appointment.